Week 1 Activity – Death – Fear of Heights, Ladders

by Enrique Plascencia

My death scene features my constant fear of heights as well as my discomfort with

ladders. As I have never been comfortable with things that involve heights like roller

coasters, elevators or climbing ladders.

The first picture shows me on a ladder doing some work, which shows that I will

sometimes use ladders if necessary but my uneasiness will sometimes cause me to

lose balance and control.

Any person can fall off a ladder, regardless if they are a professional or like ladders,

but some people are more likely than others to lose balance and fall.

In the picture, I fall and hit the hard, solid, concrete and the head takes the most damage.

My arms and legs land awkwardly. Death eventually occurs.

This assignment was fun in finding what kind of cause of death to feature, fears and not

having control are usual causes of death.  It was fairly easy setting up, once I had my idea

all set up. There are more than two photos, because they include one before the fall and

close ups, after the fall.




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