Week 2 Activity – body casting

Enrique Plascencia

My  experience for the body casting activity at Seal Beach was pretty cool and fun.

I did pretty well because I saw the examples and  I got a lot of input from my dad

which is more experienced with stuff like this, otherwise I  would have struggled.

I did two castings of my foot, to make sure that it came out all right.

one casting was bigger than the other, as I added more plaster on the second one.

I had never made a body casting before, so I did not know what to expect, but

I  had done a similar project for an earlier sculpture class, where we used clay

and plaster for a sculpture. It was cool that  I had leftover plaster, from that class.

I think that it helped to see other’s results, because I didn’t know what results I

wouldd get.

I was surprised that it wasn’t that difficult or messy and that it was pretty fast.

Over all, it was a interesting and rewarding experience.

Ways that I  think that this applies to other activities in my life, is that sometimes

in art, we do new things, sometimes from scratch. this project was similar to sculpture

and other crafts using your hands.

the photos highlight, some of my experience.



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