Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Heather L Jarrard


Enrique Plascencia

Week 3 Artist Conversation – Heather L. Jarrard – 02 – 04 – 16

#HeatherL.Jarrard #DennisW.Dutzigallery

On Thursday, I had a good conversation with CSULB student and artist, Heather L.

Jarrard. Some of her artwork is displayed in the Dennis W. Dutzi gallery.

The name of the Exhibition  is Standard 2.6 – Art Education Student Association,

and it was a group gallery.

Heather is a graduate in 3D Art and she is working on her credentials for Art


As she hopes to become a single subject teacher and she hopes to teach kids around

seven years old, in elementary or high school.

The name of her artwork is Untitled #12, which consists of around nine small

sculptures made of mixed medium like macaroni and beans.

The theme of the gallery was Art Education and focuses on the current California

economy and budget crisis. Where the government does not spend a lot of money on

schools and education. The group wanted to bring awareness about some of the

ongoing social issues.

she said that California has the second lowest budget for schools.

The gallery included paintings and sculpture.

Her intent was to show that macaroni art is some of the cheapest art to make, usually

reserved for kids. She made something really cool and meaningful with something

simple, to show that good things can be made even with the small budget.

Some background information on Heather is that some of her interests include art,

teaching and hiking. She does not have a website but her Instagram name is


Some Formal qualities of the work are that there is a lot of sizes, shapes, like ovals

but they make bigger forms as a whole. There is also form, some line, and some

negative space.

The works are multicolored and not that big. some of the colors are brown, white,

yellow, green. the works have interesting forms, they resemble  abstract things like

organisms, they were pretty cool and interesting to look at. There was cool shapes.

Here are some photos of Heather and her work.

It was a cool experience.









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