Week 4 – Artist Conversation – Samuel Jernigan

Enrique Plascencia  – 02 – 14 – 16

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Week 4 – Artist conversation – Samuel Jernigan

On Thursday I had a good conversation with Csulb artist Samuel Jernigan about his work.

He had a gallery of his ceramic, sculpture artwork at the Mark J. Gatov Gallery

West in the CSULB School ofArt.

The title of his art gallery was Weight of Whimsy and Ideals.

He is a Ceramics major and graduated this last Fall 2015, he is currently working on his

coursework.  He said that he wants to go to UCLA for graduate school for ceramics.

Some of the names of his artworks were the title of the gallery,Weight of Whimsy and

Ideals, Mona Lisa Smile and Cookie Monster/raisin cookies. 

The media of the work includes ceramics and acrylic paint.

His website is http://www.cargocollective.com/samueljernigan  Samuel Jernigan’s Website

His instagram name is samueljerni

Some Background information on him includes that  he is currently from central

California near the bay area, but he was formerly from Louisiana. As a kid, he had a single

mom that had to work many jobs. She was very supportive of him, nonetheless.

He started working on ceramics in the year 2000.

He said that very long studio hours have affected his personal life, as he sometimes works

up to 14 – 16 hours. He also says that his work was so extensive that he once lived and slept

in his car for about 3 years. He also worked for the Farmer’s Market for 3 years as well.

His interests and hobbies include comics, beer, coffee, watching tv, cartoons, bike rides,


He said that he was in a band and he said that he always wanted to be a 3D Model Artist,

he has worked for several companies that commission his work as he did about five years

of production work.

He has also has more artwork featured at the EMOCA museum in Pomona.

He said that the intended message of his work is smile and have a positive attitude,

Sam said that he gets ideas for his work based on things that made him laugh, feel sad

now and as a kid. He also gets inspired by interesting things in flee markets, Farmer’s

Market, thrift stores. His work is also inspired by cartoons and toys.

His works take around 4 months to make each.

The semi broken fish named broke and happy symbolizes the message of feeling broken

inside when it came to being broke financially and mentally. It was broken accidentally

but he displayed it as it is intentionally.

Formal Analysis – In the works there are a lot lines, textures, there were many shapes,

colors and sizes.

Some works were abstract, unreal, realistic, there were a variety of objects like heads,

limbs, legs,fish tools, shovels, A bike, light bulbs, shoes, masks, a torso with colorful

swirls as a head.

What I think about his artworks – they are all very cool and interesting, nice to look at.

My favorite artwork is the big female head in the front, it was the first thing that I was

drawn towards, because it was real big and well done, smooth.

Some of the works  look delicate, but they are do not have visible sharp or dangerous


Some of the works are also a representation or symbolic of the artist,

The gallery has a positive vibe and attitude, almost all of the works look happy.

They are very playful and cartoonish.

I also thought that the cookie monster was well done, I liked it a lot.

Some works didn’t have color but they did not need any color, because they are very well


I was inspired by a lot of the colors and works, I learned a lot. Overall it was a great

conversation and gallery visit.

here are some photos of the gallery.





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