Week 4 – Classmate Conversation – Kyle Shishido

Enrique Plascencia

02 – 14 – 16


Week 4 – Classmate Conversation – Kyle Shishido

On Thursday, I had a good conversation with classmate Kyle Shishido about himself and

the artwork at the galleries.

His Website is kyleshishido.wordpress.com and his instagram name  is bigbirdshishido.

He is a  Film and electronic art Major, an undergrad  in his first year here at Csulb.

He hopesto join the film industry as a career.

He likes Tim Burton as an artist and for his movies, his interests and hobbies include

video games, watching movies, drawing and hanging out with friends.

He said that he is taking this class because he needed it as a requirement.

He liked all the works in the exhibition by Samuel as he likes ceramic art, he says that the

works have a cartoonish feel.

When asked what animal he would like to be, he said that he would like to be any bird

because he would be able to fly.

overall it was a good conversation.









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