Week 5 Activity -Artist conversation – Kristi Jensen

Enrique Plascencia – 02 – 19 – 16

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Week 5 Activity – Artist conversation – Kristi Jensen

Exhibition Information   –  Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: a join to form a single entity, metals group show

Media: Metal, Steel, Copper, Gold Leaf, Cloisonné Wire, Enamel,

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Mark J. Gatov Gallery West, East

Website: None

Instagram: whipper ton

About the Artist

This Thursday I had a good conversation with my friend Csulb Metals artist Kristi Jensen.

She is a  metals major, undergrad senior and she graduates in the fall.

She is a returning student as she had not graduated prior to this.

She has been in metals for 2 years as she was ceramics before, but said it wasn’t for her.

She is president of metal arts guild  and she was in charge of this exhibition, which I and

others I know are also part of. I met Kristi in enameling/metals jewelry last semester.

She often makes and sells her own jewelry. She made two similar pendants and sold one of

them. she hope to continue to do this after graduating. She often works at home in Venice,

where she has all her tools and materials.

She is from Nevada, and she was a flight attendant for eight years before returning to

school. Her interests include TheWalking Dead, Knitting.

Formal Analysis

She has four works in the gallery which all are very beautiful and well done.

The work includes a necklace pendant, ring and two sculptures.

Her works are untitled as she says that she sometimes has trouble coming up with names.

The works vary in size and color. As the necklace and ring are very small and the other two

works are much bigger.The ring is shinny silver, the pendant is green, blue handsome

purple.  Her works are straight not jagged. the texture is smooth. three of the works have

some negative space.

Her work has different lines and shapes as the ring and pendant are round and oval.

The other two works are round with other shapes as well.

the artwork that had rhythm was her sculpture which resembles a round bottle or base,

had many different lines going in different directions and created shadows.

Content Analysis – The works have to do with color, technique, process,and form.

She said that these works were made as a result of her love to  make and create things, she

also loves to learn and experiment with different techniques and try to combine them in

her artwork. She gets inspired by different techniques and other things in nature. She said

that it takes approximately 3 weeks to make each work.

Synthesis / My Experience

I really like the artwork in the gallery. They are a lll well done and interesting.

They all have different meanings but they come together to become one. Works are paired

together in their similarity. This work inspires me and it was great to see work from

people that I  know and I saw work on their art.

Here are some pics of her and her work. The instagram post i posted of her and my plate.

Some pics were taken by Jing Huan Ooi








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