Week 5 Activity -Classmate Conversation – Glenda Castillo

Enrique Plascencia – 02 – 19 – 16

Week 5 Activity -Classmate Conversation – Glenda Castillo

This Thursday I had a good conversation with Glenda Castillo, as well as Jing Huan Ooi,

both were very nice and polite but my focus for this post was Glenda.

Her website is glendacastilloblog.wordpress.com and she

doesn’t have an Instagram page.

Glenda is an undergrad senior as she is currently working on her Bachelor’s of Art in

Spanish. She hopes to become a spanish teacher one day.

She wants to teach Spanish to people who donot know Spanish.

She will be getting her BA by next semester and she will then be working on getting her

Spanish teaching credential,

She lives in Costa Mesa and she works part time as a hairdresser, during the weekend.

Her interests include swimming and or walking  during her free time. She also loves dogs.

Both Glenda and Jing liked artist Kristi Jensen’s metal artwork and jewelry, as they said

that it was very cool and beautiful. They also liked my metal artwork plate, which I showed

them, that was also featured in the gallery. They were very interested in learning the

process of enameling and jewelry.  Overall it was a good conversation.





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