Week 5 Activity -Cuisine and Beyond – Shirts, Food

Enrique Plascencia – 02 – 19 – 16

Week 5 Activity -Cuisine and Beyond – Shirts, Food

For the activity this week,  I tried two things, shirts and food.

First since I have been interested in designing prints and t shirts for a while now,

so I thought that I  would try different ways of designing shirts.

This semester I am taking a screen printing/printmaking class where I am learning

different ways to design prints. This is very similar to printing shirts.

So this is relevant to the process that I am interested in.

Next, there are pages online that let you submit your designs and upload them to all kinds

of cool products like shirts, stickers, bags, purses, pillows, mugs, leggings, skirts, scarfs .

Lastly,  I thought about painting on shirts directly with acrylic paint to see how they would

come out. It was a cool process of trial and error, as you have to plan ahead of time, what

you are going to draw and paint because there are issues of how much space is available.

Also you have to put cardboard inside the shirt, so that the paint does not transfer to the

back of the shirt as well. I designed shirts of things that I like and that hope others will


These shirts are available at my instagrams  enrique.plascencia

and relentless.art as well as at websites redbubble.com/people/quiquewarrior/portfolio

and imadeatshirt.com




For the second activity, my dad likes to cook many things that are different so I thought

that I would help him with some of the dishes that he makes that are uncommon to most

people. These dishes are very delicious, fast, easy to make  and are on the healthy side.

Since it is lent season and there is no meat eaten  on friday, my dad was making some

omelets for breakfast, but he makes them different than others. he often adds extra

ingredients like cheese, onions,  mushrooms, bell peppers and this time he added some


For dinner, he made some fish fillet, this is kind of different because many people cook

fish in different ways.  My adds different spices and flour batter, than most people.

On sunday we tried out Hot Dogs wrapped in bacon, which he sometimes also includes

with cheese.

Over all it was a cool experience. Here are some pictures.








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