Week 6 Activity – Photo Walk

Enrique Plascencia

Week 6 Activity – Photo Walk – 02 – 28 – 16

Madison Braverman – https://madisonbraverman.wordpress.com

On Thursday we went on a fun and cool photo walk with our tour guide Maddie Braverman.

I choose her as a guide, because I was interested by the places she picked to go see.

It was a hot day, but we went to places that had shade and were a little more fresh.

She took us to some places, I had seen but from a different perspective because I usually do

not have the time to stop and appreciate them. So it was cool to take the time to see them

more closely.She talked a little about each place as we walked by.

We saw a lot of nice things and took a lot of cool pictures. I tried to take pictures of things

that I found cool, beautiful, things I had not seen or focused on before and different


First, we saw the sculpture on the fountain that had no water at the time.

This is a cool sculpture to see, especially when the fountain is on. Nevertheless it is cool,

because it is very big, with many different lines, as well as negative spaced.

We then passed by the CSULB sign, on the brick wall that is made out of leaves and plants.

it was a really cool sight to see. I have probably seen it before but I  had forgotten about it.

It was cool to see it and take pictures of it.

We then visited the Japanese Garden next. Since I have been here a couple times before,

so here I tried to get pictures of things that I had not focused on before.

I had not been here so I looked for new and familiar places. I took pictures of different

flowers, fish and the little Japanese had traditional dolls that were not there on my last



Lastly, it was cool that we had time to see the pyramid. Since we did a lot in little time.

Taking pictures of the pyramid was funny because from far away, the pyramid is too small.

When you are nearby it was  a little bit hard to fit the pyramid into the picture.

On the way back, I continued to see nice things like the fountain by Brothman

Hall, which I am very familiar with. The people in the tour were also pretty cool.

Overall,  it was a good day with good exercise, fresh air and  a good tour guide.




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