Week 7 Activity – Group Youtube Video

Enrique Plascencia – 03 – 06 – 16

Week 7 Activity – Group Youtube Video

Who are you voting for?

Group members, Me, Helen, Jing, Glenda, Lainie, and Margarita

Websites – Helen Lee – https://helenhleeblog.wordpress.com

Jing Huan Ooi – https://jingghuann.wordpress.com

Glenda castillo – https://glendacastilloblog.wordpress.com

Lainie Le – https://laayyknee.wordpress.com

Margarita Reyna – https://margarita428.wordpress.com

For this weeks activity we thought we would do our video about the current presidential

election. We asked people who they were thinking of voting for and why.

I had already met some of my group members Glenda and Jing. I met Helen on thursday for

our classmate conversation. I also met Lainie and Margarita.

The pre production process consisted on thinking of ideas of what to do a video on, which

was not easy at first. Potential ideas included getting opinions on legalizing weed, the

teachers strike, the student galleries. Next we had to decide who to ask. We were thinking

of asking fellow classmates. however we decided to ask people we did not know, as well as

getting our own opinions on the subject.

The process was a little embarrassing but fun. we went around asking people about their

opinions. Some people didn’t respond, but it was nice of others that contributed.

Most people mentioned Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, it was nice to hear that

others had different opinions for the democrat and republican race. Such as that they

needed more time to analyze the candidates. One person mentioned Ted Cruz and Marco

Rubio, which I am not too familiar with. However the general consensus was no Donal

Trump. for sure.

Big props to Lailey Le for great video editing, and adding music. The video looked great.

Overall it was fun. Next time we would need more time for ideas, and recording videos.

Since we need more time to practice, and look for people.







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