Week 8 – Activity – Automatic Drawing

Enrique Plascencia – 03 – 13 – 16

Week 8 – Activity – Automatic Drawing

This week’s activity of the automatic drawing was kind of fun and difficult at the same

time .I worked on the drawing with my sister. It was kind of hard to get a rhythm going, as

both of us were moving our hands at different directions at times. We eventually worked

on balancing our hand movement, to make a better drawing which we did. We got used

to having our eyes closed. I had a hard time sitting still as I could not stay in the required

stance for too long, but I did what I could.

I would say that this drawing was about the process of movement and working

together more than what it is and what it looks like. our work has many likes but was

mostly circles, as we went round and round. It is cool to try different art techniques.

Next, time we might try to plan it out more beforehand and use different colors.

In conclusion, it was a cool activity.



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