Week 8 –Artist conversation – Luis Arias

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Week 8 – Artist conversation – Luis Arias

Exhibition Information  – Artist: Luis Arias 

Exhibition Name – Welcome to The Weaving Machine

Media: Weaving, Fabric, Wood, paint, dye

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: none

About the Artist

Luis Arias is an artist, undergraduate senior who majors in wood. He also works in

weaving. He graduates this semester with a BFA in wood. He is originally from El Salvador

but he now lives in Los Angeles. He said that he left El Salvador in the 1980’s.

He started in CSULB 3 years ago, before that he worked in electronics.

He has been working in wood for about six years and weaving for about 1 and a half years.

His interests are watching soccer, exercising, working with his hands, making beautiful

pieces, learning how to speak different languages and traveling. As he plans to travel to

Europe later this year and stay there for a long while. He does not have any kids for this

reason, of wanting to continue to travel.

The ideas that his work explores are making works from scratch, that allow him to be able

to be free to be creative. His works are not currently for sale, but he hopes to do so in the

future. He said that he has many works, and he choose what works to include in the show

sort of based on size. Since he has a lot of big pieces, so he went small.

Formal Analysis

This is his first gallery. He does not name any of his works, so they are just called what

they are which include mirrors, a loom stools, shelves, beach chairs. The works are very

detailed and well done.he works in different styles.

Some of the different woods that he uses are oak, poplar, ash, ficus, plywood.

His works have many different lines, some of the shapes he makes are butterfly shapes,

gears, and polygons. Some of the colors are black because of the dye, the chairs also have

different colored fabric. His work has rhythm and texture. The scale of the works varies as

many aren’t that big, except for the loom which is pretty big. As a result of it being needed

to make a variety of sizes of works. Some of them are straight or round.

The process is functional. A lot of the work is hand made, while other parts are cut with

table saw or made with the loom, weaving machine. Which is very cool and interesting

because he made his own loom that was on display,  he said that he made one because

students were required to make many works, they would borrow the machine but had to

return it in the end. So he made one that he could use for all his works.

He said he does all of his work at school and none at home. He doesn’t have any tools at

home, some of the tools that he uses are power tools.  All of his work is not that heavy,

and can be easily transported.

Content Analysis

His work is about the process of combining wood with weaved fabric that may be added

when applicable. As the chairs and stools require to first cut and put the wood together

first and then add the fabric that is weaved, later. He also paints or dyes some of the fabric

sometimes. As mentioned, it involves freedom and creativity.

Synthesis / My Experience

I really liked all of his work, especially the loom. Which looks difficult to make.

These works resonate to me in that these are everyday objects that you see everyday but

you may take for granted. So it is cool to see them and hear about how they are made.

I thought that they were really cool, well done. I had a wood shop class were I became

familiar with some of the process, but we only made small works. So his works were

very amazing to look at.

In conclusion, it was a good conversation. He was a nice and polite person.

Here are some photos,



In conclusion


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