Week 9 Classmate conversation – Lainie Le


Enrique Plascencia – 03 – 20 – 15

Week 9 Classmate conversation – Lainie Le

website – https://laayyknee.wordpress.com

This week I had a good conversation with Lainie Le, whom I had met when we worked on

our youtube video. She is really cool, nice and really good video editor, which she enjoys

doing.She edited our youtube video, a couple weeks ago.

She is in her first year of school, she is an undergrad and currently undeclared for her

major, but she said that she might be interested in business because she likes math like

calculus. She was interested in the medical field but she doesn’t like chemistry.

She is currently taking 12 units.

Her instagram is laayyknee.

Her interests include staying home to sleep, she likes to watch youtube videos, which

inspire her make and edit her own videos. She likes fashion and has many shoes.

Her favorite food is chipotle, as well as Starbucks and Boba which she says she has every

week. She doesn’t currently work. She wants to hipline and go to Hawaii in the future.

In conclusion, it was a good conversation.



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