Week 10 Art Experience – Instagram

Enrique Plascencia – 03  – 27 – 16

Week 10 Art Experience – Instagram

For this week’s instagram activity i choose pictures to post that I thought were cool and

interesting and that represented our class.Instagram is usually not that difficult, but can

be when you have to choose what pics get seen by others. I had ideas of what pictures

I was going to post, but the end result differed. I posted a pic of classmate Meng Chu,

which related to the class image.  I also posted a picture of one of the galleries,

which related to the class, as many others also posted gallery pics, which

we visit weekly. The last two pics were more personal as I posted a watercolor painting

that I am working on. I also put a collage of batman, superman and wonder woman, which

is popular, and as I watched the movie yesterday.


I think we are our own individuals, but we are also a group as we get together to talk about

other artists, we do classmate convos and we do group projects like youtube video videos,

and moonbase alpha.

The classmate pictures that I choose that I thought were interesting were Meng Chu who

posted a similar pic as me,

chumeng123   –  https://mengchublog.wordpress.com

Helen lee – sunlightstram – https://helenhleeblog.wordpress.com – had a cool profile pic

of her under a plant, and another of her shadow

Lainie Le – laayyknee – https://laayyknee.wordpress.com – posted  a funny picture

glenda castillo – https://glendacastilloblog.wordpress.com – posted a picture with me

Shannon Mcguiness – mcguinessshannon – posted a picture of her with classmates

which relates to our class image.

Jesus Viramontes – viramontes.jesus – https://jesusvirablog.wordpress.com – posted

a cool pic of a sculpture from the galleries.

jaimie filoso – had a cool olaf, disney picture

jing -had a nice landscape picture.


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