Week 10 Artist Coversation – Travis Lober

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Week 10 Artist Conversation – Travis Lober

Exhibition Information  – Artist: Travis Lober

Exhibition: Ink 16: The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Group Show

Media: Silkscreen, paper, ink, drypoint, etching,

Gallery: CSULB School of Art,

Website: none

Instagram: none

About the Artist

Travis Lober is a undergrad artist working on his BFA in the  printmaking major.

He has been printmaking for a couple years. He is from Northern California.

He said that he worked in the trade for ten years, before coming back to school.

Trevor was originally going to pursue graphic design, but eventually choose printmaking

instead, which worked out as he is very good at printmaking.

He also said that his art reflects his work experiences, which is the base of his inspirations

which also includes emotion, abstraction, monotype, material based artwork and wood.

Trevor said that he would like a career in teaching printmaking.

Trevor says that his work explores the ideas of the trade work, he used to be in.

He does not currently work, so he could focus on school full time. As printmaking

can be a long and difficult process. As he needs to draws a lot and work hard for long

hours. He is in my printmaking class, this semester.

The gallery was a group show, so he only had one piece, which was called

Looking Bellow. However there was more artwork of his displayed in FA4.

His interests include art, mountain biking, photography and soccer.

Formal Analysis

His piece was a print done by etching with drypoint ink. The piece is black and white.

It is a drawing of three different kind of spiders in a setting of wood and pipes. The work

has many lines and rhythm. It has a straight rectangular shape border, it is not that big.

The tone has dark and light lines and drawing. The work might loo simple to some, but it is

very detailed.

Content Analysis

As mentioned earlier, Travis’ work is inspired by his trade career, which he was in

for ten years. So his work at the gallery has to do with that theme, of construction, wood,

his work is also about process. In the drawing there are spiders in a area of wood and

pipes.  Which seems to symbolize an environment being invaded by a spider invader.

Synthesis / My Experience

I liked Travis’ work from the show, and his other work from class. It was good to hear

about the process from other artists and classmates.  I am also in a printmaking class,

so it is good to see the different styles and ideas that other people come up with.

I also liked the rest of the gallery, as other classmates had art work there as well.

I also liked the other  gallery with the carnival horses, which was very well done and


In conclusion, it was a good conversation.



One thought on “Week 10 Artist Coversation – Travis Lober

  1. I’m Travis Lober, from Arizona. I’m an artist. You’ve got some good stuff. Keep it up. Funny how we both can draw and paint.


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