Week 10 Classmate Conversation – Meng Chu

Enrique Plascencia – 03 – 27 – 16

Week 10 Classmate Conversation  – Meng Chu

This week I had a good conversation with Meng Chu. he is undergrad, in his third year.

his major is computer science, he hopes to work in the video game industry

his interest include video games, and movies, especially superhero movies like DC comics.

He likes Batman and Superman, which was cool because we were both waiting to see

the movie Batman vs. Superman, that day. He said that he couldn’t choose between them.

he said however that he doesn’t watch their cartoons, and didn’t as a kid.

He liked the art in the galleries. I asked him about his easter and spring break plans

whichh he says that he doesn’t know yet as he works this weekend.

He said that he didn’t have a instagram, as he uses Facebook instead. however the

instagram that he made for this week is chumeng123.

In conclusion, it was a good conversation.

Here is a pic, he posted, which I also choose for this week’s activity.



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