week 11 Activity – Turning Pages

Enrique Plascencia – 04 – 07 – 16

Week 11 Activity – Turning Pages

For this week’s activity artist Martha Troya from Spain, showed us new ways of thinking as

the library and bookstore, places that were originally for reading and buying books have

changed a lot. We have taken it for granted, so she wanted us to do what was originally

intended of those places and see other’s reactions.

We first went to the library and then bookstore, which was a lot of good exercise.

The trip to the library it was a little weird, and different, but was also fun and funny to see

other people’s reactions. We all went to the second floor to get books, then we all went to

the computer waiting area to read and exchange books. That area was so crowded that I

did not get a chair and was standing up. We were not allowed to take any photos here.

It was a little embarrassing, but not so much because we were a big group.

We were pretty much kicked out, for being loud and taking up space, others needed.

My reaction was that the very big children books, brought back memories from my

childhood and also i didn’t know we had so many kids books,

We then went to the bookstore, which also has changed from primarily selling books to

selling clothes, computers, iPads, guitars. On first glance, some people might not

even know that the library and bookstore have any books, because the books in the

library start in the second floor, and the books in the bookstore are all the way in the

back. The books are in the background because other items are used more or sell more.

My reaction for the bookstore was that it was okay but a little less fun because we were

more free to be ourselves, walk around, take pictures, and do more of what we wanted.

i had not been to the second floor of the book store in a while.

in conclusion, it was a good activity. A different way of thinking.

Here are some pics.


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