Week 12 Activity – Geocaching


Week 12 Activity – Geocaching

Enrique Plascencia – 04 – 14 – 16

For this weeks activity, we learned about geocaching, which is like a video game, by trying

to find things that are hidden by others, and also hiding something ourselves. it was

fmixture of it being somewhat fun, weird, and difficult.

We downloaded the geocaching app and a gps, which didn’t help me much as I didn’t

understand the coordinates and there was no internet connection in certain spots.

luckily i was around other people that had better internet connections.

As we decided to look for things as a group as we had a hard time by ourselves.

We looked for the geocach named Immortal, which most people  looked for,

but could not find it, like others. the clue was slow and steady wins the race which

we could not figure out.

Later, I was part of another group, whom along with the teacher looked for the geocach

along with three other different things, but we didn’t find anything.

We then looked for another object next to a fire hydrant, the object was no longer there

we then looked for something in the parking lot, next to a sign, that magnet was also

gone. Finally we looked for something at the pyramid, but didn’t find anything but

little baby birds. it sucked that we didn’t find anything, but we tried for a long time.

Next, for my own geogach I hid a couple things in tic tac containers, at school.

the coordinates  for the first object were 155 degrees, South East +12 degrees 2756

the 1st hint is somewhere the class goes every thursday for class.

I hid two more tic tac containers close to each other ib one area.

The second coordinates were 33 degrees 4641 North 118 degrees 0644 West

11SLT9699638125 21ft.

the 2nd  object hint is a log with a lot of wood. Near the immortal geocach.

In conclusion, it was an hard but okay activity and good exercise.

here are some photos.



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