Week 12 Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Week 12 Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen


Enrique Plascencia  04 – 14 -16

Exhibition Information  – Artist – Jennifer Chen

Exhibition – Succession

Media – Printmaking, ink. Screenprint, gloss, photos, google images

Gallery – CSULB School of Art, Mark J Gatov Gallery West

Website – none 

Instagram – none

About the Artist – Jennifer is an artist, majoring in printmaking, she is a graduate as

she got her Bachelors degree in biology and is getting her masters degree in printmaking

this semester.

Background – before returning to school, she worked for health corporations that help

people, she is experienced in printmaking for about 20 years.As a career she says that she

will be teaching a printmaking class next semester and hopes to continue to do so in the

future.  Some of her interest are nature and  finding interesting images.

Formal analysis 

Her work is based on photos of landscapes, maps, which she finds from google maps

which are abstract but still somewhat detailed. Some other prints were based on

what looked like graffiti, they had text, were smaller than the other prints  and didn’t have

much color.

Many of the works have many lines, shapes, as well as dark, cool colors , much of her

work varies in size, there is some  texture as some of them pop out and appear 3d.

She adds some gloss medium to some of her prints to make them shinier.

She says that she makes some of her prints bigger than others based on the importance of

the image, as she wants people to see all the details and see things that they may not see

at first glance and if it were smaller. She also says that she has even included a print of

the school camps, which many might have not noticed.

content analysis 

She says that some of her work is based on her education in biology, as well as changes

in nature. Ideas of her work include photos of landscapes, places that have been through

floods, fires and other things.

synthesis/my experience 

i saw Jennifer’s work at the printmaking lab before the gallery, it is good to see her work

as in my opinion it is really good and inspiring. it takes a lot of  long and hard work to

make work that is really big. I liked two of her prints that were mix of purples, pinks and

violets, which looked very nice. In conclusion, it was a good conversation.

Here are some photos.







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