Week 12 Classmate Conversation – Margarita Reyna

Week 12 Classmate Conversation – Margarita Reyna

Enrique Plascencia 04 – 14 – 16

This week I had a good conversation with Margarita Reyna, i met her a couple weeks ago

during our youtube video group activity. She is a sophomore, pre criminal justice major.

minoring in forensic science.

Her website is https://margarita428.wordpress.com

She would like to work with kids, k – 9 in order to protect communities that really

need them. She would like to help her community by helping high school students to take

advantage of all the things that they have, in order to become more successful.

She likes to travel to places like Mexico, as she has been to Guadalajara.

She likes to work out, because it helps her take her mind off other things.

Artwork from the galleries that she liked were the printmaking images because

it brought back memories from middle school and high school.

One of the prints, reminded her of all the graffiti all over her school, in the lunch tables

and restrooms.

In conclusion it was a good conversation.

Here is a cool picture.



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