Week 13 Activity – Care Package


Enrique plascencia  04 – 19 – 16

Week 13 Activity – Care Package

For this week’s activity of sending a care package of anything that we wanted, I picked

classmate Cheryl Peng’s name from the hat.

The activity seemed interesting, mysterious and unpredictable.

In the envelope that i sent I  put in things that I found interesting at the moment, and

thought that the classmate might as well. I wanted them to relate to the topic of things

from the past that are cool and interesting to look at by people of this generation.

So i wanted to see if things from right now, will be cool in the future.

I put in one of my drawings, cool pictures from magazines and a recent  movie ticket.

In conclusion, it was a cool activity, it will be cool to see what I get in return.



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