Week 13 Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Week 13 Artist Conversation –  hangtags #NickBamford #gatov #Markjgatovgallery

Enrique Plascencia  04 – 24 -16

Exhibition Information  – Artist – Nick Bamford

Exhibition – Untitled

Media – ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, black lights, Resin, Silicone, plaster, cement,


Gallery – CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website – none

Instagram – nickbamf4d

Artwork names – untitled

About the Artist – Nick Bamford  is a senior, undergrad, ceramics major 

Background – He is from Huntington Beach. This is his second gallery show, this

semester. After graduation, he plans to go to grad school, but he is not sure where yet.

He says that he chose  to come to cal state because he had heard that the ceramic program

was pretty good. he said that his works take about five days to finish.

His interests include sculpture.

  Ideas of work – He says that his work is inspired by everyday life, he loves challenging

himself to working larger and doing something different. He says that he does it to escape

for the moment.

Formal analysis – His work are very long and large sculptures of mixed materials like

found objects, old toys, shopping carts, drawings, birdcages, shoes, stuffed birds, cats,

machines, tools, fans, and etc. the works were glow in the dark thanks to the backlight.

The works have formal qualities of many different lines, shapes, colors, sizes.

The different materials also have different textures,

Content analysis – He said that his work is about placing things together to see how they

look and how they make him feel.

Synthesis. my experience – I liked his work because of the black lights and the glow in the

dark, the abstract qualities were also interesting. All the different shapes and things, that

you have to take time to look at and analyze.

In conclusion, it was a good conversation, here are some photos. 







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