Week 14 Activity – Japanese Garden Drawings

Week 14 Activity – Japanese Garden Drawings

Enrique Plascencia – 04 – 28 – 16

When I heard that we were going to be drawing for this week’s activity, i was pretty

excited,because I like drawing, I am good at it as I am an art major and we haven’t drawn

in this class in a while even though it is an art class.

Then when i heard that we were going  to draw at the Japanese Garden, i was a little excited

but i was also a little concerned because finding abstract shapes and figures to draw and

photograph can be a little challenging, even though I usually concentrate in abstract

drawings and painting.

It was a nice walk on the way to the garden, once there, there was very good fresh air.

It was nice to see everyone in the garden concentrate on art, it wasn’t too full there,

I also had to take advantage as it may be my last time visiting the garden for a while.

Once i started drawing and taking pictures, i thought about the normal pictures and

drawings, that i choose were interesting and beautiful things like shapes,

coy fish, waterfalls, trees, ducks turtles.

Then when i had to start the abstract ones. they were a little harder than they sound.

I tried to looked for things that wouldn’t be instantly recognizable like parts of the

bridges, waterfalls, plants. They came out okay.

In conclusion, it was a good day of fresh air, a good walk, relaxing moment drawing and

taking photos.

Here are some nice pictures

  1. regular drawings

2. abstract drawings

3. Regular photos

4. Abstract pictures


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