Enrique Plascencia – Extra Credit

Enrique Plascencia – Extra Credit – 05 – 01 -16

This class was pretty  fun and interesting. It gave me a new perspective on art like new

media, different ideas, due to the activities,  artists talks, and conversations.

Out of all the nice activities that we did, the ones that i liked most were

The graffiti, activity because it was fun, kind of new, challenging, you can learn from


drawing at the Japanese garden was fun, a little challenging but it was creative and


the second activity leg sculpture was also fun, challenging, and cool going to the beach

The death photo was also interesting and creative.

The tour guide was cool as we got to see places that the guide found interesting.

Activities that I found neutral were  the youtube video, as it was challenging,

embarrassing, but got to work as a group which was good.

The Instagram activity was okay, as we got to choose what picture we wanted people to


The care package idea was intriguing, as I put good thought on the things I put in

but I am not sure how many people actually send their packages, as I didn’t receive


The snapchat activity, was interesting in seeing others snaps.

My least favorite activities were geocaching, as it was confusing and hard at times.

once I understood it, it was better but we didn’t find anything.

The turning pages activity was kind of of fun at the library and also embarrassing.

The space alpha activity was a good concept, and interesting to add to a story.

The couture, make food activity was okay but I didn’t find many good things to

make for food, but I did make some interesting shirts.

The class mate convos were good, as we learned to socialize, which is important,

beneficial and needed, as were the artist conversations, which I found were very good.

some improvements to the class, would be to maybe find more international artists

and or activities like we did in the beginning of class. Activities based on holidays

would be cool too like day of the dead and Halloween.

in conclusion, it was a fun class.


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