Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Christopher Williams

Enrique Plascencia – 05 – 05 – 16

Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Christopher Williams

This week I had a good conversation with classmate Christopher Williams.

He is a freshman, majoring in aerospace engineering, his dream job is to

work in engineering for NASA. He is currently taking 18 units, which is a lot.

His website is https://chriswils.wordpress.com

His favorite food is pizza, which he likes to try different kinds of. Which

I also agreed with.

His interests include watching Netflix, video games and sleeping since

he is taking so many units.

He liked the art in the Illustration majors gallery. He does not have an Instagram.

For all his conversations, He said that he asks what animal would you be, which

I said either a bird, so I can fly, or a cheetah because it is the fastest animal in the

world, and it was my favorite animal.

In conclusion, it was a good conversation

Heres a picture.


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