Week 15- Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Enrique Plascencia – 05 – 05 – 16

Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young          #NancyYoung

Exhibition Information  – Artist – Nancy Young

Exhibition – As the Crow Flies

Gallery – CSULB School of Art,  Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Media – Printmaking, ink, lithography, reliefs, wood, etching. acid, metal, mono prints,

works names – untitled raven,

Website – none

Instagram – none

About the Artist  – background

She is an artist who is also a senior, undergrad, majoring in printmaking, and she is

graduating this semester with a BFA.  This was her BFA show,  she is also a returning

student, as she was out of school for a while.

She is from Costa Mesa, she was a graphic design major, she already has a job that she

likes as a programer in Orange County, therefore she says that she may continue art after

taking a short break, but not as a career, and she says that she will not pursue a masters

degree at the moment.

She has been part of the Orange County Art Fair. She was also part of my printmaking

class this semester, so it was good to see all of her work.

Her interests include listening to music, helping others,  giving back, sailing, taking

photos, and printmaking among other things.

Formal analysis 

Her works include many media like prints, lithographs, some works have many lines, a

couple different colors but mostly black, white and gray, the works are in frames are

shaped mostly squares and rectangles. There are  as couple different sizes, some of the

works have nice textures.

Content analysis

Her works are about things like what she gets inspiration from like birds such as ravens,

crows, and other things like nature,pictures, and landscapes like the golden gate bridge.

She also wanted to show the different kinds of printmaking techniques

Synthesis my experience – Her works are all really cool, well done and interesting.

It was cool to see all the cool techniques and processes that she has learned.

As mentioned I had a printmaking class with her, this semester, so it was cool to see all

the kinds of works that can be done, as i didn’t learn many of the techniques that she

knows. It was just a shame that she says that she is not pursuing art as a career,

because she is really good, she also says that her prints are not for sale, as many

think that they should.

In conclusion it was a good conversations. Here are some cool photos



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