Week 15- Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Enrique Plascencia – 05 – 05 – 16

Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young          #NancyYoung

Exhibition Information  – Artist – Nancy Young

Exhibition – As the Crow Flies

Gallery – CSULB School of Art,  Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Media – Printmaking, ink, lithography, reliefs, wood, etching. acid, metal, mono prints,

works names – untitled raven,

Website – none

Instagram – none

About the Artist  – background

She is an artist who is also a senior, undergrad, majoring in printmaking, and she is

graduating this semester with a BFA.  This was her BFA show,  she is also a returning

student, as she was out of school for a while.

She is from Costa Mesa, she was a graphic design major, she already has a job that she

likes as a programer in Orange County, therefore she says that she may continue art after

taking a short break, but not as a career, and she says that she will not pursue a masters

degree at the moment.

She has been part of the Orange County Art Fair. She was also part of my printmaking

class this semester, so it was good to see all of her work.

Her interests include listening to music, helping others,  giving back, sailing, taking

photos, and printmaking among other things.

Formal analysis 

Her works include many media like prints, lithographs, some works have many lines, a

couple different colors but mostly black, white and gray, the works are in frames are

shaped mostly squares and rectangles. There are  as couple different sizes, some of the

works have nice textures.

Content analysis

Her works are about things like what she gets inspiration from like birds such as ravens,

crows, and other things like nature,pictures, and landscapes like the golden gate bridge.

She also wanted to show the different kinds of printmaking techniques

Synthesis my experience – Her works are all really cool, well done and interesting.

It was cool to see all the cool techniques and processes that she has learned.

As mentioned I had a printmaking class with her, this semester, so it was cool to see all

the kinds of works that can be done, as i didn’t learn many of the techniques that she

knows. It was just a shame that she says that she is not pursuing art as a career,

because she is really good, she also says that her prints are not for sale, as many

think that they should.

In conclusion it was a good conversations. Here are some cool photos



Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Christopher Williams

Enrique Plascencia – 05 – 05 – 16

Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Christopher Williams

This week I had a good conversation with classmate Christopher Williams.

He is a freshman, majoring in aerospace engineering, his dream job is to

work in engineering for NASA. He is currently taking 18 units, which is a lot.

His website is https://chriswils.wordpress.com

His favorite food is pizza, which he likes to try different kinds of. Which

I also agreed with.

His interests include watching Netflix, video games and sleeping since

he is taking so many units.

He liked the art in the Illustration majors gallery. He does not have an Instagram.

For all his conversations, He said that he asks what animal would you be, which

I said either a bird, so I can fly, or a cheetah because it is the fastest animal in the

world, and it was my favorite animal.

In conclusion, it was a good conversation

Heres a picture.

Enrique Plascencia – Extra Credit

Enrique Plascencia – Extra Credit – 05 – 01 -16

This class was pretty  fun and interesting. It gave me a new perspective on art like new

media, different ideas, due to the activities,  artists talks, and conversations.

Out of all the nice activities that we did, the ones that i liked most were

The graffiti, activity because it was fun, kind of new, challenging, you can learn from


drawing at the Japanese garden was fun, a little challenging but it was creative and


the second activity leg sculpture was also fun, challenging, and cool going to the beach

The death photo was also interesting and creative.

The tour guide was cool as we got to see places that the guide found interesting.

Activities that I found neutral were  the youtube video, as it was challenging,

embarrassing, but got to work as a group which was good.

The Instagram activity was okay, as we got to choose what picture we wanted people to


The care package idea was intriguing, as I put good thought on the things I put in

but I am not sure how many people actually send their packages, as I didn’t receive


The snapchat activity, was interesting in seeing others snaps.

My least favorite activities were geocaching, as it was confusing and hard at times.

once I understood it, it was better but we didn’t find anything.

The turning pages activity was kind of of fun at the library and also embarrassing.

The space alpha activity was a good concept, and interesting to add to a story.

The couture, make food activity was okay but I didn’t find many good things to

make for food, but I did make some interesting shirts.

The class mate convos were good, as we learned to socialize, which is important,

beneficial and needed, as were the artist conversations, which I found were very good.

some improvements to the class, would be to maybe find more international artists

and or activities like we did in the beginning of class. Activities based on holidays

would be cool too like day of the dead and Halloween.

in conclusion, it was a fun class.

Week 14 Activity – Japanese Garden Drawings

Week 14 Activity – Japanese Garden Drawings

Enrique Plascencia – 04 – 28 – 16

When I heard that we were going to be drawing for this week’s activity, i was pretty

excited,because I like drawing, I am good at it as I am an art major and we haven’t drawn

in this class in a while even though it is an art class.

Then when i heard that we were going  to draw at the Japanese Garden, i was a little excited

but i was also a little concerned because finding abstract shapes and figures to draw and

photograph can be a little challenging, even though I usually concentrate in abstract

drawings and painting.

It was a nice walk on the way to the garden, once there, there was very good fresh air.

It was nice to see everyone in the garden concentrate on art, it wasn’t too full there,

I also had to take advantage as it may be my last time visiting the garden for a while.

Once i started drawing and taking pictures, i thought about the normal pictures and

drawings, that i choose were interesting and beautiful things like shapes,

coy fish, waterfalls, trees, ducks turtles.

Then when i had to start the abstract ones. they were a little harder than they sound.

I tried to looked for things that wouldn’t be instantly recognizable like parts of the

bridges, waterfalls, plants. They came out okay.

In conclusion, it was a good day of fresh air, a good walk, relaxing moment drawing and

taking photos.

Here are some nice pictures

  1. regular drawings

2. abstract drawings

3. Regular photos

4. Abstract pictures

Week 13 Classmate Conversation – Rebekahh Johnson

Enrique Plascencia –   04 – 24 -16

Week 12 Classmate Conversation –  Rebekahh Johnson

This week I had a good conversation with classmate Rebekahh Johnson.

Her website is https://rebekahhjohnson.wordpress.com

She is a freshman, and  a political science and international double major.

She wants to be a CIA Analyst as a career.

She lives in a dorm, and works at snow monster, which is a desert place.

that was my second guess, after guessing that it was a snowboard shop.

She says that she loves music, she likes to go to local concerts and support local music.

She plays the guitar,  skateboards, likes pasta and lasagna. As do I.

In conclusion it was a good conversation. Here is a photo.



Week 13 Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Week 13 Artist Conversation –  hangtags #NickBamford #gatov #Markjgatovgallery

Enrique Plascencia  04 – 24 -16

Exhibition Information  – Artist – Nick Bamford

Exhibition – Untitled

Media – ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, black lights, Resin, Silicone, plaster, cement,


Gallery – CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website – none

Instagram – nickbamf4d

Artwork names – untitled

About the Artist – Nick Bamford  is a senior, undergrad, ceramics major 

Background – He is from Huntington Beach. This is his second gallery show, this

semester. After graduation, he plans to go to grad school, but he is not sure where yet.

He says that he chose  to come to cal state because he had heard that the ceramic program

was pretty good. he said that his works take about five days to finish.

His interests include sculpture.

  Ideas of work – He says that his work is inspired by everyday life, he loves challenging

himself to working larger and doing something different. He says that he does it to escape

for the moment.

Formal analysis – His work are very long and large sculptures of mixed materials like

found objects, old toys, shopping carts, drawings, birdcages, shoes, stuffed birds, cats,

machines, tools, fans, and etc. the works were glow in the dark thanks to the backlight.

The works have formal qualities of many different lines, shapes, colors, sizes.

The different materials also have different textures,

Content analysis – He said that his work is about placing things together to see how they

look and how they make him feel.

Synthesis. my experience – I liked his work because of the black lights and the glow in the

dark, the abstract qualities were also interesting. All the different shapes and things, that

you have to take time to look at and analyze.

In conclusion, it was a good conversation, here are some photos. 






Week 13 Activity – Care Package


Enrique plascencia  04 – 19 – 16

Week 13 Activity – Care Package

For this week’s activity of sending a care package of anything that we wanted, I picked

classmate Cheryl Peng’s name from the hat.

The activity seemed interesting, mysterious and unpredictable.

In the envelope that i sent I  put in things that I found interesting at the moment, and

thought that the classmate might as well. I wanted them to relate to the topic of things

from the past that are cool and interesting to look at by people of this generation.

So i wanted to see if things from right now, will be cool in the future.

I put in one of my drawings, cool pictures from magazines and a recent  movie ticket.

In conclusion, it was a cool activity, it will be cool to see what I get in return.


Week 12 Classmate Conversation – Margarita Reyna

Week 12 Classmate Conversation – Margarita Reyna

Enrique Plascencia 04 – 14 – 16

This week I had a good conversation with Margarita Reyna, i met her a couple weeks ago

during our youtube video group activity. She is a sophomore, pre criminal justice major.

minoring in forensic science.

Her website is https://margarita428.wordpress.com

She would like to work with kids, k – 9 in order to protect communities that really

need them. She would like to help her community by helping high school students to take

advantage of all the things that they have, in order to become more successful.

She likes to travel to places like Mexico, as she has been to Guadalajara.

She likes to work out, because it helps her take her mind off other things.

Artwork from the galleries that she liked were the printmaking images because

it brought back memories from middle school and high school.

One of the prints, reminded her of all the graffiti all over her school, in the lunch tables

and restrooms.

In conclusion it was a good conversation.

Here is a cool picture.


Week 12 Activity – Geocaching


Week 12 Activity – Geocaching

Enrique Plascencia – 04 – 14 – 16

For this weeks activity, we learned about geocaching, which is like a video game, by trying

to find things that are hidden by others, and also hiding something ourselves. it was

fmixture of it being somewhat fun, weird, and difficult.

We downloaded the geocaching app and a gps, which didn’t help me much as I didn’t

understand the coordinates and there was no internet connection in certain spots.

luckily i was around other people that had better internet connections.

As we decided to look for things as a group as we had a hard time by ourselves.

We looked for the geocach named Immortal, which most people  looked for,

but could not find it, like others. the clue was slow and steady wins the race which

we could not figure out.

Later, I was part of another group, whom along with the teacher looked for the geocach

along with three other different things, but we didn’t find anything.

We then looked for another object next to a fire hydrant, the object was no longer there

we then looked for something in the parking lot, next to a sign, that magnet was also

gone. Finally we looked for something at the pyramid, but didn’t find anything but

little baby birds. it sucked that we didn’t find anything, but we tried for a long time.

Next, for my own geogach I hid a couple things in tic tac containers, at school.

the coordinates  for the first object were 155 degrees, South East +12 degrees 2756

the 1st hint is somewhere the class goes every thursday for class.

I hid two more tic tac containers close to each other ib one area.

The second coordinates were 33 degrees 4641 North 118 degrees 0644 West

11SLT9699638125 21ft.

the 2nd  object hint is a log with a lot of wood. Near the immortal geocach.

In conclusion, it was an hard but okay activity and good exercise.

here are some photos.


Week 12 Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Week 12 Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen


Enrique Plascencia  04 – 14 -16

Exhibition Information  – Artist – Jennifer Chen

Exhibition – Succession

Media – Printmaking, ink. Screenprint, gloss, photos, google images

Gallery – CSULB School of Art, Mark J Gatov Gallery West

Website – none 

Instagram – none

About the Artist – Jennifer is an artist, majoring in printmaking, she is a graduate as

she got her Bachelors degree in biology and is getting her masters degree in printmaking

this semester.

Background – before returning to school, she worked for health corporations that help

people, she is experienced in printmaking for about 20 years.As a career she says that she

will be teaching a printmaking class next semester and hopes to continue to do so in the

future.  Some of her interest are nature and  finding interesting images.

Formal analysis 

Her work is based on photos of landscapes, maps, which she finds from google maps

which are abstract but still somewhat detailed. Some other prints were based on

what looked like graffiti, they had text, were smaller than the other prints  and didn’t have

much color.

Many of the works have many lines, shapes, as well as dark, cool colors , much of her

work varies in size, there is some  texture as some of them pop out and appear 3d.

She adds some gloss medium to some of her prints to make them shinier.

She says that she makes some of her prints bigger than others based on the importance of

the image, as she wants people to see all the details and see things that they may not see

at first glance and if it were smaller. She also says that she has even included a print of

the school camps, which many might have not noticed.

content analysis 

She says that some of her work is based on her education in biology, as well as changes

in nature. Ideas of her work include photos of landscapes, places that have been through

floods, fires and other things.

synthesis/my experience 

i saw Jennifer’s work at the printmaking lab before the gallery, it is good to see her work

as in my opinion it is really good and inspiring. it takes a lot of  long and hard work to

make work that is really big. I liked two of her prints that were mix of purples, pinks and

violets, which looked very nice. In conclusion, it was a good conversation.

Here are some photos.